By Lynn Riggs


Zach Gorevin



Well, we haven't updated you lately on any of the many fine young JOAD archers we have, so it's time to shake a leg!  Today we're shining the spotlight on Zach Gorevin, one of our archers that we're proud to call our own. And away we go (since enquiring minds want to know......)


LR:  How long have you been shooting archery and participating in the JOAD program?

Zach:  I started ďshootingĒ archery when I was around 4 or 5. I used to make fake bows and arrows out of sticks and a little bit of string. I started shooting with HAC and participating in JOAD for 4 and a half years.

LR:  How did you become interested in archery and what is it that attracts you to the sport?

Zach:  I became interested through a friend who started shooting. He wanted me to come with him one Saturday and when I did, I got hooked. What I find most entertaining about archery is that as you start to do things correctly, you can see the results. The gratification is nice.

LR:  What are your archery goals?

Zach:  Mostly, I just want to become a better archer. In the few tournaments that Iíve competed in, I had a lot of trouble with nerves, so I guess I also need more experience at big tournaments.

LR:  Most memorable accomplishment in archery?

Zach:  The best memory I have is when I was part of a 1st place team when the Huntsville Archery Club had leagues. I had only been shooting for about a year, so I was really excited to succeed at something so early on.

LR:  What distance are you shooting in the outdoor JOAD program and what levels have you achieved in both the outdoor and indoor programs?

Zach:  I currently shoot 50 meters outside. On occasion, I also shoot 40, 30, and 20 m. to prepare for the 900 rounds. Inside, I am currently at Archer while outside I am at Jr. Archer.

LR:  What other interests and/or sports/activities do you have?

Zach:  Video games are probably my biggest hobby. I usually end up playing at least 20 hours a week. The only other sport I play is racquetball. I donít get to play as often as I like, but when I do, I always have fun.

LR:  What are your plans after high school?

Zach:  Iím still waiting to hear from all the colleges I applied to, but I hope to attend the University of Notre Dame on a Navy ROTC Scholarship. After college, I plan to join the military.

LR:  What significant tournaments have you shot in and where did you finish?

Zach:  Iíve shot in the JOAD Indoor Regionalís twice, once in Conyers, GA and the other time in Macon, GA. Both times I finished 8th place.

LR:  How long do you plan on shooting archery? Will you continue after High School, during and after College?

Zach:  I hope to shoot for as long as I can. It really all depends on how busy I get during and after college. If I can, Iíd like to be able to shoot a couple times a week, although Iíll probably end up needing a lot of time to study.

(Editors Note: You have to know how much Lynn likes baseball to understand how this next question is related to anything having to do with archery!)

LR:  Aside from the fact that the Cardinals are the best team in baseball, how are the Yankeeís going to do without Torre and Mattingly as their coaches?

Zach:  I think they look pretty good this year. Iím going to miss Torre, since heís the only Yankee manager I can remember them having, but I think Girardi will do fine. Heís only managed one season, but he also won NL manager of the year. As for players, I still think we need to work on relief pitching a little and personally, Iíd get rid of Damon. Heís overpriced for his abilities. Cabrera, Matsui, and Abreu can handle the outfield just fine.

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